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Monday, 27 March 2017


One evening my father pulled me aside and said "Son, there are few axioms I have put together over the years of dealing with women and they have stood the test of time over and over again. If you adhere to these, then you will be years ahead of your peers and it will save you a ton of bullshit experiences with women, that could have been avoided. It will help steer your interactions with women in the right direction and keep you from losing your sanity". 
Below are 20 of the axioms: 

1. Who you marry will be the most important decision you ever make in life. Better make sure she’s up for the job.

2. Never get married or get tied down with a woman who you’re settling for. You will be miserable. She will be miserable. And life is too damn short to spend it with a woman low in caliber, personality and desire to suck your rooster dry everyday.

3. Believe a woman the first time she SHOWS you who she is. Don’t allow your emotions to blind you to her flaws and shortcomings.

4. Women are not the enemy. They are merely following their inherent nature. Learn how to handle them and you will be rewarded with their positive attributes. Flail about blindly and be cursed with their negative attributes.

5. Women are led by their emotions. Therefore, learn to use their emotions to your favor. Become the puppet master.

6. Always lead a woman in the relationship. If you don’t know how, then learn how.

7. Women are just as sexual, if not more than men. They crave depravity. Do not be fooled.

8. Be ready to walk away from the relationship at any time for any reason. If she acts up, be ready to walk. If you stay you will lose a small piece of self-respect, until eventually you won’t even know who you are anymore.

9. What is unsaid when communicating with a woman, is oftentimes more powerful than what is said.

10. Buying gifts, groveling, begging and changing for a girl will never keep her around. You’ll only intensify her disdain for you and speed up her hunt for an alpha rooster.

11. Never fully trust a woman. It’s not in their nature to be trustworthy. Self-preserve by only allowing for 60% of your trust given after a full and long courtship of at least 2 years.

12. Never get married before 30 years and always marry a younger woman. No exceptions.

13. The moment you make a woman “your life”, is the moment she’s preparing to walk out of yours.

14. Watch what a girl DOES, not what she SAYS.

15. If a girl dumps you, never take her back. She will never respect you the same and the relationship is doomed to fail.

16. Always let her say “I love you” first. She’ll love you more for your self-control.

17. The more money you get, the more you will attract women who are attracted to resources. Learn to put on a ‘Humble Front’ at first in order to screen the golddiggers out.

18. Never put aside your personal goals and dreams in order to please a woman. You won’t please her and you will be miserable.

19. Always Bleep her like it’s your last time before you go to prison.

20. Lastly, holding his both ears he said "Never, never, never hit a woman. No excuses! It is wrong from all angles".